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…For our grandparents it was survival.
…For our parents it was the love and the passion for the land and her nuts
…For us it was a challenge for creation.

In 2003 – 2004 the establishment of a great winemaking for first time in Molos impose great targets in the quality of wine.
The vineyards cultivate in Molos and for this reason the wines called "Moliotikos oinos"
The equipment consists of new technologic machineries for excellent results.
We are faithful to the traditional and for this reason our wine is not include plant poisons and fertilizers and the results are great.
Furthermore our wine certificate by DIO (certification organization for biology products)
We produce two types of wine: the white wine and the red wine.
Both of them distinguish for their characteristic aroma and the rich taste.
We want a wine, which can be reflecting the great taste of the fresh grape. For this reason we cultivate biology a great and healthy grape beside to sea and down of the heat sun.

The «white» wine consists of great varieties of grapes as roditi, asirtiko and ountblank, total vineyards of this variety 30000. It is a wine with vivid aroma and characteristic taste. Accompanies ideally hors – d’ ocurre, fishes and light dishes of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.
The number of the bottles, which produces in our wine making be restrict, 15000 bottles per year.
The «red» wine consists of great varieties of grapes as Grenache rouge Cabernet and refousko, total vineyards of this variety 28000.
This type of wine has a lovely, sweetie red color as soon as a crystal aroma and fine taste. Accompanies ideally red meats and we can enjoy this wine without any food.
The number of the bottles which produces is 12000 bottles per year.
Also our wine bottled in Bag in Box. In a few months we produce wine from new varieties of grape which called Syrah and merlot
The new kind of wine has fresh and sweetie deep red color with flowers aroma and bottled also in 750 ml.
Further more I believe that the new variety Asirtiko – Malagouzia give to us a different kind of wine with delicious taste and wonderful aroma.
Total vineyards from all the varieties are 90000.
We hope we can being happiness all the difficult friends of wine.

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